From a powerful and fervent performance on stage right down to a sophisticated and driven approach to production, René de Bruijn, better known as Digital Punk is unquestionably the totality of a born entertainer. By putting in the hard yards to cement his name in a pioneering position, Digital Punk heavily influenced a new wave in raw hardstyle. Besides his splendid performances as Digital Punk, he also represents 50% of the infamous Public Enemies live-act and is known for being the man behind the renowned Unleashed podcast. These on-going career highlights have made René definitively put his signature on the raw hardstyle scene and serve as an inspiration to budding producers and fans on all corners of the globe…

This A2 Records superstar has experienced a prosperous career in music filled with milestone performances at Dominator, Intents Festival, Reverze, Q-BASE, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, Hard Bass, QAPITAL and Supremacy. Throughout his vast collection of music, Digital Punk͛s signature sound can be described as a sophisticated blend of raw atmospheres, face melting screeches, hard kicks and a relentless, undying energy that can kick any party into overdrive!

With an endless list of hardstyle bombs such as ͞Retaliate With Hate͟ with Radical Redemption, ͞Firestorm͟ and the 2015 Supremacy anthem ͞Supreme͟, the Punk was craving a collective project that would fuse all of his energy in one devastating package. As a result, he unleashed his artist album ͞Adapt Or Die͟ in October of 2016. With more than 20 new tracks, including collabs with the likes of Radical Redemption, B-Front, Adaro, Endymion and more, Adapt Or Die is the pinnacle of Digital Punk͛s unique, high energy approach to hardstyle. Hits like ͞Hate On Me͟, ͞Hit Me With The Hard͟ with Andy SVGE and ͞Take It All͟ with B-Front are just a few examples of the prime quality of this devastating album.

Digital Punk͛s on-going career highlight as the flagbearer of the Unleashed collective has embedded him deep within the raw hardstyle industry. What started off as a monthly podcast has now grown into a global phenomenon, with its own merchandise, compilation CD͛s and events across the entire planet. And it͛s far from done, as the concept is ever expanding.

A massive highlight in 2016 was the kick-off of his exclusive live-act ͞Public Enemies͟, together with Hard Driver. With an immense debut performance at Q-BASE, this invigorating live-act quickly embedded itself within the hardstyle scene, with already confirmed 2017 appearances at Emporium, Dreamfields, Daydream, Reverze and QAPITAL, the latter of which they produced the anthem for, ͞Start The Rage͟.

Digital Punk has timelessly proven that a high-quality and creative approach to production, an undying passion and dedication to music can go a long way.

Soldiers, are YOU ready to get unleashed?!